About us

.Dian Gostar Parsian Corp

Dian Gostar Parsian (DGP) is a company which is established in 2017 to become the largest hard discount chain in Iran.

Company culture in hard discount chain is key to its success. Simplicity, decentralization and the common understanding among all company members are backbone to hard discount chain success.

DGP, pioneer of the hard discount model in Iran, limits its product portfolio to approximately 750 items which %70 of the weekly household needs and aims at having private label products.

DGP’s main principle is to offer consumer basic food items and consumer goods at the best prices and highest quality.

A hard discount store (Vivan) typically requires 200 to 400 sq m in accessible secondary streets.

DGP aims to open almost 1,500 stores in Iran with 6 region companies/warehouses in 5 years. The opening of the first 30 stores is planned at next 10 months.

Everyone who needs basic consumer good products at attractive prices in the neighborhood.

The market is growing rapidly however, there is very low penetration with NO real direct competition.

DGP’s managers are pioneers in hard discount food retail with a proven track record, providing the company with strict disciplines of hard discount and fulfilling growth in a sustainable and effective manner. In 5 years, almost 10,000 people will be employed.

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